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good_potcicons's Journal

Good Pirates of the Caribbean Icons!
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Yes, another elite icon community. But a new one. This community will feature high quality icons from the movie fandom Pirates of the Caribbean. This is a moderated access community, and when the time comes, you must apply for posting access. Don't think this is your type of community to post in? Simply friend us to look at all the pretty icons! Or, check out potcicons.

Applications are OPEN! Please go HERE to apply.

DO NOT click the "Join Community" link. Go here to apply. Follow the directions on that page to be granted access.

1| No posts requesting icons.

2| Advertising communities is allowed, but don't pull something like this You know, the 'Heres like 5 iconz, but OMG CHECK OUT MY NEW COMM *spazzes with the copy/paste*". Please. Everytime someone does that, God deletes an icon. SAVE THE ICONS!

3| Other graphics such as banners, headers, wallpapers, etc. are allowed, but your post must also include icons.

4| As the third movie just came out, please post spoilers under a cut with a warning. Use your own discretion. You can post them, but they MUST be under a cut.

5| When applications open, please put "Why is the rum always gone?" in your subject so we know you've read the rules.

6| This is a community for icons, not bases. This is a base. This is an icon. Get the difference?

7| Didn't get accepted? That's alright. Take two weeks to improve your skeelz and re-apply.

8| When I think of an 8, I'll tell you. I just like even numbers. Ah, here we go. Questions? Please check the FAQ first. Still confused? Ask there.

1| There is no flaming here. None. Flaming will result in an instant ban from the community. I like peace. :)

2| Please remember to follow these rules as well as the individual makers'. Comment and credit them, if they state it. Follow their rules, if nothing else.


Layout is a very slightly modified version of faceons Aqua layout, which can be found at number four here.

rum_awards keira_lims mixed_ic potc_lims johnny_awards

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